Partnership meeting – get your voice heard!

Recently we’ve been working on a draft of our Strategic Plan, covering the five years from now until 2017. It builds on our initial work in getting the Partnership together 18 months ago, and is based on the contributions of those who were able to attend the Planning Day on 14 June. Work has been done since then to pull everything together, to set it out in a logical order, and to present it all in a way which is easy to read and follow.

What we need now is to:

  • Check that we have included the key things we want to do;
  • Check that what we have described is realistic and achievable: so (for example) if we say we will organise a Family Day in August 2013, that we are fairly confident that we can actually do this, by August 2013;
  • Commit to taking part in making it happen: we need two people for each activity, who volunteer to be responsible for leading and organising that activity; and we need volunteers for each activity, to help the team leaders and take on pieces of work, according to their available time, capacity and skills. For example, when we continue our lobbying campaign with MLA’s we will need to have small groups of Members, including patients/carers, organisational representatives, and ideally health professionals, ready to go and speak to the MLA’s; and we will need to have Members who are willing to write or speak to their own local MLA’s. Similarly, for each of the other activities!

This is your opportunity to make sure you are happy with what is in the Plan: if you have changes to suggest, please e-mail them to by 10 August.
More important, this is your chance to get your name down for the activities you want to participate in! Again, please e-mail saying what you would like to do (e.g. Help with Organising a Family Fun Day; or Lead on scoping our existing connections and thinking about how we can work with others), by 10 August.
Once we have this information, we can finalise the Plan, and get the different activities going, kicking off with our Partnership Meeting on 12 September.

Meeting for anyone interested in rare disease in NI who wants to join the partnership!

Millennium Outreach Centre
400 Springfield Road
BT12 7DU

12.15 Lunch
3pm finish

Please phone Sarah McCandless 0800 917 0222 if you’re attending, so we can count you in for food.