NIRDP gets out and about

The pupils and staff of St Colman’s Primary School, Lambeg, helped raise £300 for NIRDP, by having an Olympic Torch Relay in school this week.

Before the event, the school had given each family information about NIRDP. One of our members, Fiona McLaughlin, spoke to each class about rare disease and how NIRDP works.

All children and staff got to carry the torch, under the watchful eye of teacher Robbie Crouch, NIRDP supporter and Olympic torchbearer.

There were many smiles and much laughter. The children really had fun with various styles of carrying- from over the shoulder like a bag of coal, to dancing, balancing with crutches, held high over the head, even a regal wave or two. Teachers, classroom assistants, maintenance and canteen staff- everyone had a turn and a big smile.

Thanks to everyone at St Colman’s for the time, and the fantastic support for NIRDP.